WREX visited the Goldie Floberg this week to recognize the hard work that is being done by the agency and more importantly by the individuals served. The article and news clip below were shared by the WREX team on their website and their news station.


A Rockford area non-profit is in the middle of major spring cleaning as it prepares to launch new learning opportunities for the disabled. That’s just one of many things going on at the organization.
“It’s teaching them a skill that they want to learn.” -says Goldie Floberg Entrepreneurial Partnerships Director Cori Delavan.
Three area individuals, named David, Annie and Dawn, help run a small business thanks to the Goldie Floberg in Rockton. It’s called Goldie’s Gourmet Goodies. The three live with developmental disabilities. This entrepreneurial program is teaching them life skills.
“They’re not being told ‘Well, you fit in this category and by an assessment we’ve given you this is a skill you can learn.’ This is something that, when we asked them, they said ‘This is what we want to do.'” -Delavan explains.
The bakery has almost completed its first year in business. But, the center is also introducing new programs in a few weeks. They’re meant for adult learning. Starting in June, individuals can come to the center for gardening, music and computer classes. While those are different, they carry the same theme of catering to people’s specific needs and interests.
“It’s not for us to say ‘Okay you’re not good at this, so you need to learn this.’ It’s for them to come here and find out what interests them so then we can develop that skill.” -Delavan adds.

Thank you WREX for taking the time to come out and witness the AWESOME things that are going on at the Floberg Center.