Community Living

Goldie Floberg operates 22 group homes for children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities. All homes provide 24-hour support and supervision provided by well-trained Direct Support Professionals. Our teams work with people served to help them achieve their personal goals, teach them skills related to activities of daily living and to support them in being active members of their community.

Our homes are generally three bedroom homes with the majority of homes serving a maximum of four people.

Each individual served in the community living program has a community support team who partners with the individual to develop his or her person-centered service plan. Each person served has a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional, a Nurse, and a team of Direct Support Professionals assigned to their community support team.

As part of our community living services, we provide 24-hour support and supervision, ongoing enrichment and personal development activities, transportation, coordination of medical and support services and help with applying for and managing assistance programs and benefits.

To learn more about Goldie Floberg community living services, including admission criteria and the application process, please email Elizabeth Garcia or call 815-708-7479 ext. 124.