Adult Learning

Our adult Learning, Enrichment and Empowerment Program (LEEP) is based more on an adult continuing education model than a traditional day training model. People are able to select from a wide variety of what we call enrichment classes. Topics include learning to play musical instruments, gardening, yoga, exercise classes, science, computer classes, cooking classes, and various art classes. We actively solicit input from people served on what classes they want us to offer. Class offerings are updated monthly.

In addition to enrichment classes, we also offer a wide variety of skill boot camp classes. These classes are designed to provide short but intensive training on a specific independent living skill. The person served enters the class with a specific short-term skill acquisition goal. Each class lasts a maximum of 4 weeks, preventing a person from getting stuck in a rut or being forced to languish on a goal for months on end.

LEEP can provide a structured environment for people who prefer a more predictable day. We also provide options for more self-directed schedules. We offer an open learning environment where individuals who wish to can move from one activity to another, as they desire.

Our Community First volunteer program provides people opportunities to build self-esteem and pride by improving the community we live in. If you have a need for volunteers for your community project, please email Elizabeth Garcia at or call 815-708-7479.

For more information on our Learning, Enrichment and Empowerment Program, including admission criteria and how to apply for services, please email John Pingo, CEO, or call 815-708-7479.