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Expanding Options for People with Developmental Disabilities

At Goldie Floberg, we work to broaden the lives of people with developmental disabilities by providing options – options for living, options for working, options for living life as a fully actualized citizen and member of the community.

Serving the needs of children, teens and adults with disabilities throughout northern Illinois since 1918, the staff at the Goldie Floberg consider it a privilege to help each person craft a life of meaning that allows them to flourish.

Programs and Services

Community Living Services
Adult Learning Services
Employment Services
Additional Enrichment Services

Our daughter has resided in a Goldie group home since May, 2017. We are very pleased with Goldie staff and her entire experience there. Our daughter can be very difficult to manage at times and the staff in her home are great. We check in with staff regularly and they are very responsive to our needs and concerns as is the nursing staff.

David, Father of person served

Ever since my grandson had to move to Goldie Floberg, Christian was happy with the staff and didn’t want to leave. The people and staff at Goldie Floberg helped me, they saved me, they explained it and always made me aware of everything going on. He was able to be included in so much more. All of my experiences have been positive and I have been blessed to have people that care. When Christian has challenges of any type I am made aware right away. I appreciate everything that is done and everyone who works with my sugar baby.

Betty, Grandmother and Guardian of Christian

I am extremely happy with Goldie Floberg and I love the staff at the Brittania home. I see everyone as family. I feel truly blessed and I want to thank everyone for their support with my son Alex. Thank you!

Marilyn, Mother of Alex

Our Most Recent News!

The Power of Empowering People

Having enough Direct Support Professional (DSP) staff is our biggest challenge. Staffing was harder than usual during the first year of the pandemic. As the vaccines started going in arms, we dared to hope that the staffing situation would improve. Instead we were consumed by a perfect economic storm that nearly sank us.

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