Our mission is to empower and enrich the lives of all people served and our philosophy flows from our mission. In order to be empowered, a person must have options to choose from. In order to be enriched, a person must have access to the world they live so they can try new experiences and spend time doing what they love.

Our philosophy of service is that we will partner with the people we serve, their families and our community to help individuals with disabilities become fully actualized citizens and members of their community.

The programs of the Goldie Floberg strive to blend the teachings of humanistic psychology with the proven efficacy of behaviorism. Specifically, we have a responsibility to meet not only the basic human needs of each person served, but also help each person craft a life of meaning that allows them to flourish. The teachings of behaviorism provide evidence-based practices that can be used to build supports and remove barriers to achieving a fulfilling life.

In addition to our mission statement, and the teachings of humanistic and behavioral psychology, our philosophy of service is also guided by our agency values.

We value:

Being Amazers: We value the happiness, excitement and sense of well being we create when we amaze and delight every person we interact with. We value people who love to amaze the people we serve, their families, each other, our supporters and our community.

Teamwork: We value being able to communicate openly and honestly with one another. We value helping each other to implement our mission regardless of what our role in the agency is. We value working hard together and having fun together.

Integrity: We value being honest in all that we do. We value acting the same at all times no matter who is watching. We value being accountable to those we serve and to each other.

Leadership: We value those who lead by example. We value leaders who build people up instead of breaking them down. We value leaders who can inspire people to make our mission a reality. We value leaders who model our values.

Growth: We value growth of our agency through innovation and developing services of value to the people we serve. We value personal growth through rising to new challenges, a perpetual drive to improve, and life-long learning.

Fun: We value making each other laugh. We value playfulness, silliness, geekiness, and goofiness. We value people who bring joy to those around them. We value people who know that working hard and having fun must go hand in hand if we are going to be successful in helping people build lives of enrichment and empowerment.