Hello Friends of Floberg!

We need your help! Like most agencies serving people with developmental disabilities we struggle with recruiting and retaining the high quality staff our clients and our teams deserve. This is where you come in! For years we advertised in the papers trying to get good applicants. This can easily exceed a thousand dollars for a couple of weeks of ads and we got little to show for our money. What has produced great results is giving rewards to our great staff to recruit great people! But we only have so many staff. That’s why between now and January 29th or until we hire 10 new  full-time staff we are extending these rewards to our friends in the community! We will pay you $100.00 if you recruit an applicant who gets hired full-time and works for us for 90 days.

It’s easy! Here is all you have to do:

1. Get a great person you know who is looking for a career to apply (they can come to 58 west Rockton Rd., Rockton, IL between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM).

2. Tell that person to name you as the person who referred them and that it was this story that got you to refer them.

3. Have the person give us your name and address.

4. If the applicant is hired for a full-time position and completes 90 days of employment, we will mail you $100.00!

What you are you awaiting for! Refer a friend to us!