Chad Moe of the Rockford Fire Department talks to us about the Thanksgiving tradition

Today, men and women of the Rockford Fire Department, as well as their families, wrap up day two of an annual tradition of giving. For over 30 years, these friends of the Goldie Floberg have been spending their Thanksgiving coming to our home to cook dinner for the children and staff we serve.

This tradition began when our home was located in Rockford, followed us to Rockton, through the years the Rockton facility served as a residence, and has come full circle to continue to make Thanksgiving dinner for the children who spend their day with their Goldie Floberg families in neighborhood homes throughout Winnebago County.

We cannot thank the men women and families of the Rockford Fire Department for taking time to continue this tradition which represents the true spirit of this day. We are grateful for community members like you, today and for Thanksgivings to come.