Congratulations to everyone that participated in the State Olympics in Bloomington, IL. The athletes looked forward to this event the entire year and it was a huge success.

“Help me celebrate our incredible Special Olympics 2014 State athletes!!!! Each person competed with tenacity and heart! I want to thank everyone individually for making this weekend a success and for helping our partners build memories that they will never forget! A big thank you and commendation goes out to Tom Smith, Ryan Camonier, Sheryl Bard, Michelle Lee, Caitlin Harris, Beth Larson, Kathy Adams, Zakarra Jordan, Shannon Schmall, Kristi Oneil-Tharp, Sarah Miller, Garrett Hargraves, Nick Swartout, Lauren Mattson, Tara Anderson, Danielle Weideman, Olga Plichte, and a HUGE thank you to Liz Garcia for guiding me through my first experience leading the State Special Olympics!!!”- Nate Fry, Community Living Director








Mike: Gold
Ian: Gold
Caleb: Gold
Matt: Silver
Dawn: Silver
Theresa: Silver
Andres: Bronze
Aaron: Bronze
Chris: 4th place
Erin: 4th place
Chris: 5th place
Tina: 8th place
Lory: 8th place
Sara: Participation award

Great job athletes!