Sports are a powerful force. Sports can shift the focus from disability to ability, from isolation to involvement. (

Today’s Special Olympics, a regional to international-scale event initiated because in 1962, one person, Eunice Kennedy Shriver wanted children with intellectual disabilities, children like her sister Rose, to have a place to play and benefit from sports activities. This one vision has grown from a camp at her own home into 4.9 million athletes in 172 countries and over a million volunteers.

kurt Special Olympics 2017

Kurt E. with fellow medalists.

Goldie Floberg has been helping people with disabilities access the Special Olympics for 39 years. The physical, emotional, and developmental benefits of these experiences help to bring us closer to achieving our mission.

The Special Olympics organization in monumental is building this opportunity and providing access. With the support of private and corporate donors, Goldie Floberg is able to afford the additional training, staffing, and travel expenses needed to ensure that every athlete who wishes to participate does so confidently and safely. We are grateful to the private and corporate donors who provided funding for the 2017 Regional, State, and Equestrian Games, including:

Alpine Kiwanis Club

Try Beta Club of Rockford

William S. Howard Charitable Trust

YMCA Intern Challenge

Congratulations to the 52 regional athletes and 13 state athletes on this year’s accomplishments.