Sarah Miller was named the first Goldie Floberg Paragon staff of 2014. Sarah is the third staff member in the Center’s history to be awarded with this honor. A Paragon staff is someone who exemplifies our mission, vision and values. An individual must be nominated by one or more existing Paragon staff or by a member of the Administrative Review Team. There was no hesitation to nominate and come to a conclusion that Sarah should receive Floberg’s highest honor. Sarah started at the agency in 2004 as a Dietary Aid and went on to become a Direct Support Professional, working full-time hours even when she was technically a part-time staff. Recently she made it official and became a full-time Direct Support Professional.

Sarah has embodied our value of being an Amazer by being one of our longest running Special Olympics coach (5 years and counting), by organizing a bowling league for the people we serve and helping to make super cool personalized bedrooms, just to name a few. She consistently lives our value of Teamwork by working anywhere she is needed. She is also leading a Floberg polar plunge team and got down and dirty, playing with the Floberg mud volleyball team. She helped at the Riverside Community Church dance even though the people she regularly serves were not at the event. She also works diligently to cut costs of activities to ensure the individuals we serve will be able to participate in events and activities they love. She shows Integrity by treating the people she serves with respect at all times, treating all people as equals and as unique people, each with their own gifts and dreams. She excels in Empowering and Enriching the lives of the people we serve. Whether its helping a person served to do laundry in their own basement, making it possible for a person served to attend Special Olympics by borrowing a lift or supporting people in the community to try a new activity like taking a train to see the Shedd Aquarium, she is there for them.She has shown personal Growth by pursuing her education and supports growth of the people we serve by helping them achieve their life goals.

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