Goldie Floberg is excited to announce a new (or renewed) purpose for the acreage on Dorr Road, south of our main campus. Beginning Spring of 2019, local farmer Mike Meier will lease the property and incorporate it into his existing crop schedule and rotation. Neighbors and neighborhoods like Pinecroft who border the property know that the property has been mowed for years and had been farmed in years past as well. Partnering to take advantage of the property’s agricultural zoning eliminates the annual mowing expense of almost 20 acres and turns the acreage into a source of funding for Goldie Floberg programs.

Meier, who learned of the lease opportunity through the¬†Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau states, “I look forward to working with Goldie Floberg and sharing any potential profit to better the people they serve.”

Children and Volunteers tour the former E.J. Dalton Youth Center.

We are often asked about the history and origin of our unique Rockton building.¬†Goldie Floberg‚Äôs¬†Rockton campus is the¬†result of¬†a generous real estate gift. The owner had built the building as a rec center for area youth. At the same time that owner was questioning the success of the resource, our organization was focused¬†on providing a nurturing environment¬†for children entering adoptive¬†services programming. The program was growing and the children needed a space.¬† The¬†property and building aligned perfectly with our mission and the donor’s vision for serving youth.

Interestingly, the real estate donation actually consisted of much more property than our current developed land and the undeveloped land south of the Floberg Campus on Dorr Rd. Many of our neighbors’ homes are built on land which was sold to support Goldie Floberg programming.

We are working with the Village of Rockton to share the news of this opportunity to utilize the Dorr Road property. General consensus of Village planning committee members was optimism for the return of agricultural use for the property. If you, our neighbors, have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Goldie Floberg Director of Development, Kristin Krieger, 815-708-7479.