Michelle Lee, Team Leader

Hi! My name is Michelle Lee. I’ve been employed at the Goldie Floberg center for 3 1/2 years now. I started out as a DSP, moving up to shift supervisor (when the CCI was still up and running), went on to become a home manager as the kids starting moving into their new homes, and am currently a newly designed Team Leader. I love that this company is constantly changing and evolving to fit the needs of the people we serve, as well as making a more desirable workplace. As a home manager, I was overseeing up to 6 homes at a time, which, I’m not gonna lie, could be overwhelming at times. We got together as a team and designed a better system for us. As a team leader, we oversee 1-2 homes at a time. That means we have more time to build up our teams, to help each other learn and grow and give our very best to the people we serve. That also gives us more time for what I really love, hands-on quality interactions with the people we serve. I love getting them involved in meaningful activities, community outtings, and just assisting them along the basic day to day routines. I saw many of the children transition from an institute-type setting into their very own homes, getting the chance to experience things many of us take for granted, like learning to do their own laundry and make dinner, even getting to choose what they want for dinner. Their reactions to their first trip to Walmart or McDonald’s, going to see a movie in the theaters, were humbling. We get the chance to truly make a difference in the lives of the people we serve every single day, but in reality they are the ones that have made a difference in mine more than I could’ve ever thought possible.