We Are Expanding Services at Goldie Floberg to Youth with High-Intensity Support Needs!

Big News

Goldie Floberg is set to acquire the RocVale Children’s Home campus, at 4450 North Rockton Avenue in Rockford, for a residential program for children and teenagers with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) and high-behavioral support needs. The site will be one of only six children’s group home programs in Illinois.

“We are incredibly proud to announce that Goldie Floberg is expanding services to kids with the greatest needs,” said John Pingo, president/CEO of Goldie Floberg. “This is at a crucial time when services for children, teenagers, and young adults with the highest behavioral support needs have the fewest options.”

The Program and Our Vision

Floberg’s Board of Directors approved the acquisition at a special meeting last month. “We have seen a sharp decline in services available for children with high behavioral support needs. While there are over 200 organizations providing residential services for adults with IDD in Illinois, there exist only six for children,” added immediate past president of the Board, Scott Krowczyk. The campus will serve youth aged 10 to 22 years old. “Our vision is to provide intense behavioral supports—like advanced physical and mental health reviews, behavioral interventions, emphasizing functional communication skills, and support staff with enhanced training and skills—so that we can increase the likelihood of positive experiences in community living in the future.”

President and CEO of Milestone, Bill Grahn said, “As one door closes, another opens and we are thrilled Floberg is able to utilize the RocVale campus and provide these needed services, and we will do what is needed to make sure there is a smooth transition.”

This campus model will allow residents to enjoy the comforts of living in a home-like atmosphere while also having the physical safeguards and highly trained staff to meet the special needs of the children that will live there,” said Pingo. “We will immediately have five individuals served on the campus with the capability to grow to accommodate 25 youth. That is an incredible addition of services in a field that is shrinking at an alarming rate across the state.”

“The truth is, there are children with IDD who cannot live safely with their families because of support needs related to physical aggression, self-injurious behavior, or elopement. Nor can they thrive in traditional children’s group homes. This program is key to getting kids stabilized, thriving, and prepared to successfully live and enjoy life in traditional community-integrated living arrangements when they are adults,” added Pingo.

Goldie Floberg is a 106-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children, teenagers, and adults with intellectual developmental disabilities in communities surrounding Rockford, Illinois. Through community living, adult learning, employment services, and additional enrichment, Goldie Floberg empowers and enriches the lives of all people served. They enhance the lives of their clients by giving them opportunities and the ability to make choices to build their lives of purpose and fulfillment.

For more information, please contact Laura Wilkinson, Fund Development, at (815) 708-7479.