We believe that everyone who wishes to vote during this, and all, elections should have the opportunity to cast their vote. Each year 20,167,000 registered voters DO NOT cast their vote. Being registered is only the first step!

On November 1, we held a a mock vote with a polling location at Goldie Floberg for any individual or staff interested in practice voting. Information was provided to help everyone make informed decisions, learn about the presidential candidates, and understand the voting process.

While this fun and information activity did not actually cast ballots, it did serve an important purpose. Please remember to vote on November 8 at your polling place!

And the results are in!

Fun Vote infographic

2016 Goldie Floberg Fun Vote infographic

A special congratulations to the two candidates exhibiting one or our core values of being amazers. The two Biggest Amazers are:

Kathy Woods

Jessie Wilson

Learn more about Federal voting rights for people with disabilities.