The Goldie Floberg bestowed its highest form of staff recognition on two individuals recently. Jamesson Keyes and Nathan Fry were named Paragon staff on August 21st. A Paragon is a staff member who excels at implementing our mission and vision and who exemplifies our values. They are role-models for other staff. Jamesson and Nathan are the first two Paragon staff the Center has named. A Paragon must be nominated by a member of the Center’s Administrative Review Team or another Paragon.

Jamesson joined the Goldie Floberg in June, 2009 and is currently a Direct Support Professional in our Adult Learning Program.

Nathan joined the Floberg Center in April, 2009 and is currently a Community Living Director in our adult and children’s group home programs.

Here are excerpts from their nominations:

“Jamesson is a natural teacher to the people we serve. He continuously works very hard to achieve our clientele’s satisfaction. Jamesson has driven our clients to meaningful events and activities and has played an active role in teachable moments throughout the activities.”

“Jamesson is the type of guy who will not only help you with whatever is asked but he’ll do it with a smile on his face and has a great sense of humor while doing any task. He is always reliable and sets the bar for attendance. He always makes sure to be as thorough as possible when training any staff.”

“It has been my experience that Nathan will do just about anything to help the team. He will change his schedule to cover supervisor hours, he will cover on-calls, and he will volunteer to take on assignments that others don’t. I’m not sure if the word “no” or “I can’t” are in Nathan’s vocabulary when it comes to the team or our clients.”

“Nathan has really taken the concept of being an Amazer (and overall customer satisfaction) to heart. He has responded to some challenging situations with professionalism and compassion. I feel a sense of relief when I know Nathan is handling a concern because I know he takes client satisfaction and the Center’s overall image in the community very seriously. He has worked with his Home Managers to achieve greater community involvement (volunteering at pancake day, fishing, etc.) for the people we serve.”

Congratulations Jamesson and Nathan! We are proud of you!!

Jamesson and Nathan receive their Paragon certificates from the Center's mascot the Floberg Fire.

Jamesson and Nathan receive their Paragon certificates from the Center’s mascot the Floberg Fire.