From as early as I could remember I had my entire life planned out. Go to school, begin teaching Physical Education while coaching various sports and then complete my Masters in Athletic Administration to ultimately acquire a position as an Athletic Director. My dream job. The funny thing was that while I was busy strategically planning my future career path, life happened. I skipped around schools and states for a few years and in 2007 found myself back where I had started. I decided to attend Rock Valley College while coaching Track & Field at a local school; a job I did because I loved, not because it paid well.

I was out with a friend one night and she told me that she was working at the Goldie Floberg and was making $9.50 an hour. I couldn’t believe my ears—I had to have that job, it would only be temporary of course. Not knowing what exactly I was getting myself into, I drove up to the Goldie Floberg the next day and filled out my application. I was interviewed and then asked to return that evening to observe what the staff actually did every day. I came back that evening at 5:00pm and was greeted by the supervisor. He walked be through the building and introduced me to a few staff and clients. Having very little exposure to individuals with developmental disabilities I left that evening with serious doubts about whether this place was the right fit for me. I was called back the following day and offered a position as a Direct Support Professional in the children’s program.  I decided to stick it out for as long as I could and graciously accepted the position.

I guess you could say that the rest is history; I’m still here, not doubting my career diversion at all. I have a career that I “fell into” but absolutely love.  I work in an environment that accepts and supports all aspects of my personality and challenges me every day to become better, which is far more rare. I have been given the opportunity to serve the agency in many different capacities throughout the years and look forward to our future.