Governor Rauner has proclaimed September 13th through September 19th Direct Support Professional Appreciation week. DSPs are the backbone of our organization. Wait…I take that back. They are the entire skeleton, plus every other critical part of the body you need to survive. Especially the heart.

Having served as a DSP, I have no hesitation in saying that being a DSP is the hardest and most important job at the Goldie Floberg. Our DSPs put in long hours helping the people they serve build lives of personal meaning and empowerment. They do so while making far less then their counterparts working directly for state government.

If you know a DSP, please take a minute to thank them for the incredible work they do to support people with developmental disabilities.

Throughout the week be watching this story for updates on how we here at the Center are showing our amazing DSPs our heartfelt appreciation.

To all our hard working DSPs, on behalf of the Goldie Floberg…Thank you for everything you do!!!