…the reform legislation cuts federal support for Medicaid, the federal/state program that for more than 50 years has provided health-care access to the poorest Americans. It whittles back federal support for the ACA’s Medicaid expansions, which have assisted millions of working Americans living near the poverty level. And it goes further, ending Medicaid as an entitlement program under which the federal government matched state expenditures and changing it to a per-capita program under which federal contributions would be limited, shifting program costs to the states and ultimately reducing Medicaid coverage for the poorest Americans. (“The Republican health-care bill is all about shortchanging the poor“; Timothy Stoltzfus Jost; Washington Post online; March 7, 2017)

Please urge your friends, family, and colleagues…

…to contact their senators and house representative at the federal level to share how the current bill will have an adverse impact on the people we love and care for, like the children and adults with developmental disabilities served by Goldie Floberg, or people like my grandfather.

Below is a sample of the letter that I sent to my representative, Adam Kinzinger. You can find your US senators and representatives here: http://whoismyrepresentative.com/

Hello Representative Kinzinger,

I am the CEO of the Goldie Floberg and have dedicated my life to serving children and adults with developmental disabilities. I am very concerned about how the AHCA will impact the people I serve. The funding for their services comes from a Medicaid waiver. Changing Medicaid to a per capita lump sump will reduce funding for people with disabilities. Our state simply can’t absorb any additional costs that arise from a reduction in federal Medicaid matching dollars. I am also very concerned how the AHCA will impact my grandfather who has worked hard his entire life and now depends on Medicare. Eliminating tax revenues built into Obamacare that currently help fund Medicare will hurt people like my grandfather.

I am urging you to please vote “No” on the AHCA until these critical issues are resolved in a way that won’t hurt our most vulnerable citizens.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours in Service,

John Pingo