A Limitless Summer

Summer breaks, celebrations, camps, challenges, and goal setting have many of us repeating a common seasonal statement: this Summer is flying by.
Some of us continue long-term goals, like Steve and Xavier (above), who have participated in the Bravehearts Therapeutic Riding program for years. They ride weekly, working hard toward the October 2016 Equestrian Special Olympics. Others try new experiences and accomplishments through camps, summer concerts, family vacations and outings.

Some of our favorite activities this summer have ranged from selling produce and candles at local farmers and flea markets, to a special trip to see Blake Shelton at Milwaukee Summerfest, and even closer to home, inviting young adults to the Center to kick off the YMCA Intern Challenge.

Dawn at Black Shelton

Dawn attending Blake Shelton at Summerfest 2016

While at times the season feels fleeting, the warm temperatures and long days open a variety of options for connection and growth that can impact us for a lifetime. Our Mission is to Empower and Enrich the lives of all people served. So you can see how the limitlessness of Summer supports us in our delivery of the mission.

Please, take a few minutes to read more about Summer at Goldie Floberg, even listen to the sounds of Summer shared via WNIJ Radio as detailed in our Kids Corps story. And if you ever want to stop by for a tour, cupcake, or cafe, please don’t hesitate to call. We love sharing our inspiration with donors like you.


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