At Goldie Floberg, Commendations are our way of pausing to recognize personnel and people served for exhibiting our Values of Growth, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Fun, and Being Amazers. A commendation may be given or received by any staff person, child, or adult served by our organization.

This gesture helps us remember to slow down to see the positive and that even the littlest things matter. These commendations from the last three months of COVID-19 only scratch the surface of Goldie Floberg staff’s dedication to protecting the children and adults for whom they so compassionately provide care:

Commendation for Jamerica and Dominic

I stopped by Cheney this afternoon and both sides of the home looked great and the guys were doing well and were happy. Thank you for keeping a clean home for the people we serve and making sure the guys are looking and feeling great. Thank you for showing our value of Teamwork.
(John, CEO)

Commendation for Karin and Kathy

In preparation for the thanksgiving holiday next (Cont.) week The Qs and I we were discussing groceries needed
for thanksgiving. I was told that Karin made plans for Beutell’s big feast already. I contacted Karin yesterday to verify this information and she told me she wanted to ensure that the men living at Brittania had a large thanksgiving feast so she worked with Kathy to arrange for the needed items to be purchased for the home. When I spoke with her she said “I wanted to make sure my guys were taken care of and they got what they wanted”. I wanted to thank Karin for not only showing our value of leadership but also making the effort to ensure the guys’ lives were enriched during the holiday season.

Thank you Kathy for making the shopping possible and helping Karin with this. You both are amazing!
(Liz, VP Operations)

Commendation for Allyssa

This one goes out to Allyssa. I appreciate it so much when people reach out to me with concerns or ideas, because thats how we get things done. Allyssa called me to just talk about issues in the home, before they became ongoing issues. It is always easier to deal with a spark than a burning building, and the communication and insight she provides is of the highest level.

Your commitment to those we serve and curiosity of behavioral treatment are essential in the duties and care we provide to other’s loved ones.
(Tom, Behavior Specialist)

Commendation for Heather

This commendation goes out to the one, the only, Heather. (Air horn noises)!!!!

I received a phone call today from a guardian of a person served and she had nothing but good things to say about Heather and her willingness to provide services and care for the guardian’s child.

It takes a lot for a parent to trust strangers with the care of their child, so when I hear that a parent feels at ease with someone such as Heather being that caretaker, it means the world to me.

Heather has been a huge help in providing relevant information about individuals, talking professionally and respectfully to parents/guardians, and just telling me what is going on in an honest and true form.

Heather, You are doing an amazing job. Rarely do I get a call from a guardian to tell me how happy they are, but this time I did, and it is because of your commitment to their loved one. Keep up the amazing work!
(Tom, Behavior Specialist)

Commendation for Candace

This commendation is for Candy for being simply amazing! I absolutely love coming in after her shift, She goes above and beyond her duties to try to make it ain’t easier on her coworkers. Thank you a million times for being such an awesome person, your appreciated beyond words!
(Amber, DSP)

Commendation for Jade

Halloween activities as we stay safe at home.

A HUGE thank you to Jade today for being with me today at Emerald. We had a lot of fun at our Halloween party with the guys. After playing many rounds of boo ball and our other game, Jade decided to start coming up with some new games of her own. The guys loved it and it was definitely keeping hem entertained and laughing. It was also a big day for one of our individual’s, as he was moving out of Emerald and into his new family home. Unfortunately, he started to get very upset moments before his family came to pick him up. Jade stepped up right away and helped me do everything we needed to do. She even stayed 30 minutes after her shift to bring all of the individuals bags, boxes, and toys out to the mom. Which was just an incredible help and I would have been in a much more difficult situation otherwise. Thank you Jade for showing Teamwork and also Fun today. (Dominic, DSP)