Here at the Goldie Floberg we strive to not only be a friendly agency but a FAMILY agency. Throughout the past year we have encouraged the individuals we serve to spend more time with people that make them happy and that they enjoy being around. One of the most prominent relationships that has formed is between the Wilhelms Family and our very own Deana “Dee” Murphy. Dee works in the Clerical Department at the Center and has always had a great relationship with our Office Operations Manager, Angie Wilhelms. Over this past year Angie began picking up Dee for movies and dinner and Dee absolutely loves spending time with Angie. Dee even visits Angie’s home and spends time with the rest of the Wilhelms Family: Jeff, Tierney, Bella and the newest addition… baby Liam! “I love being able to spend time with Dee, she makes me laugh”, says Angie. The Wilhelms Family has truly helped to enrich and empower the life of our dear friend Dee. We don’t doubt that Dee has made and impact on theirs as well. 🙂
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